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The Complete Guide to Hot Chocolate Bombs


Learn how to make and decorate gourmet hot chocolate bombs

Shortcut to Success

Are your hot chocolate bomb shells cracking and breaking? Do they melt all over your hands, leaving smudgy fingerprints all over? Or maybe you've seen those drool worthy tiktoks of bombs, but never been brave enough to try it yourself?


Wherever you're starting from, the Complete Guide to Hot Chocolate Bombs will give you the skills and confidence to make beautiful, professional looking, scrumptious hot chocolate bombs.



Learn all the Secrets

In this 6-part course, I’ll walk you through every step of making hot chocolate bombs beginning to end. You’ll learn what chocolate to use and how to work with it, make perfectly shiny bomb shells (and how to avoid those pesky fingerprints!), use a variety of decorating techniques, and even how to package them up as a gift (or even to sell!)

In this course we will cover

Image by Charisse Kenion

But that's not it!

This course also includes these amazing Free Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Exclusive Facebook Community Group

Share photos and successes, ask questions and find answers, and get inspiration from other chocolate bombers! 

Bonus #2

How to make breakable hearts

Want to keep using the skills you've gained from this course but hot cocoa season is over? Make some amazing breakable hearts!

Bonus #3

Printable hot chocolate bomb tags

Give the perfect gift (or get these ready to sell!) by attaching one of these to your bombs!


Taught by Jaime Kelly
Chocolatier & Baker

I've helped over 1500 students learn to make delicious food since 2020. Join my hot chocolate bomb course to learn how to make beautiful, professional looking hot chocolate bombs from the comfort of your own kitchen!


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